Our company, which entered the baby & childwear industry under the name Kurtaş Bebe in 2000, completed its institutionalization process in 2005 and continues its activities under the name BABY PINK. 

Baby Pink, appeals to 1-10 years-of-age girl’s and boy’s clothing. It renders service with the girl’s group containing skirts, capris, dresses, salopettes, bodysuits and sweatsuits, while the boy’s group containing T-shirts, shirts, suits, trousers, and blousons.

Being aware that achieving a brand value can only be through consumer-wise activity, Baby Pink designated the realization of its expectations at the highest level as a basic management policy, and shaped its production policies on this basis. 

Our vision is to keep pace with the technology and innovations whereby to enable the products to possess a qualitative and distinct line, and to provide  high-quality service to the customers through wholesale trade in Turkey first and all over the world afterwards.  
Our objective is to introduce products that you will appreciate due to their good service, the best quality and the most suitable prices, by renovating ourselves even more and by saying “this is our business.